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Brown Sugar with Winter Lemon |台灣手工黑糖冬瓜寒天凍

Brown Sugar with Winter Lemon |台灣手工黑糖冬瓜寒天凍

Sonya Market

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Treat your taste buds to the perfect combination of flavor with Brown Sugar with Winter Lemon. Enjoy the richness of brown sugar combined with the subtle citrus of winter melon for a truly unique taste that'll leave you wanting more.

黑糖冬瓜寒天冬瓜含有氨基酸和多種維生素,寒天又名"海燕窩",是一種珊瑚草,含有豐富的酵素、膠原蛋白和礦物質等。 食用方法:一塊加入300cc-500cc熱開水冲泡,溶解後即可飲用。
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