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Brown Sugar with Siwu Rose台湾手工黑糖玫瑰四物

Brown Sugar with Siwu Rose台湾手工黑糖玫瑰四物

Sonya Market

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10 pieces

Name : Brown Sugar with Rose & Sin marthis: Brown Susar, Light Brown Sugar, Simu fault, Rose Petal, Natural Soloes

bodits: Pour 30000 - 50060 of boling water to one pal unal for it to dissolve before consume, Sweetnoss soards in each individual preference.

Aod a night exposure, high temperature, high humid diench ature ditterence,

last kern in refrigerator after open.

Lume as soon as possible after open to ensure

Place of Origin: Taiwan


Brown Sugar with Rose & Siwu

Nutrition Facts

Servings Size : 35g

Servings Per Package: 10


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