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Brown Sugar with Pomelo and Lemon |台灣手工黑糖香柚檸檬寒天凍

Brown Sugar with Pomelo and Lemon |台灣手工黑糖香柚檸檬寒天凍

Sonya Market

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This blend of brown sugar, pomelo, and lemon provides a complex and unique flavor. The sweet and sour combination of each ingredient creates a unique and delicious flavor that can be enjoyed any time of day. An ideal choice for adding a new, refreshing flavor to your recipes.

黑糖香柚檸檬- Brown Sugar with Pomelo & Lemon. 使用台灣有機香柚,以低溫乾燥技術處理精制而成,完全除去柚子皮苦澀味道,保留柚子皮豐富纖維質及維生素。 能幫助排毒通便、美白肌膚、減脂瘦身、調節血壓,可以做為日常的養生飲來喝。

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