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雪莲子 (Snow Lotus Seeds)

雪莲子 (Snow Lotus Seeds)

Sonya Market

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Snow lotus is a flowering plant in the family of Asteraceae. It is grown at mountain peaks with very cold temperatures in the polar Asia, Europe and North America, its largest habitat diversity at the peak of the Himalayas.


  1. normalize blood pressure
  2. slow down the formation fat in the body
  3. Destroying gall bladder stones
  4. To prevent disease that in crisis has by the virus is spreading
  5. Prevent and cure impotence
  6. Increase the stimulant for kidney and bladder
  7. Make down cholesterol and make healthy heart
  8. Preventing adverse effects from consumption of anti biotic
  9. Good for digestion proses
  10. Making sterile dаn makes stop bloody cuts
  11. Treat stomach acid, uric acid and hemorrhoids
  12. Remove spots on the body dаn on the face
  13. Control the function of the body dumping аnti
  14. Lower levels of diabetes
  15. Reduce the effects of allergies for children
  16. Effect of sleep to insomia
  17. Reduce the effects of fatigue
  18. Cope with rheumatism and lumbago
  19. Increase the cell metabolism
  20. Making normal blood pressure
  21. Can slow down the aging proces
  22. Reproduce  anti toxin,
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