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Brown Sugar with Ginger, Jujube, Longan & Wolfberry |紅棗桂圓姜母茶

Brown Sugar with Ginger, Jujube, Longan & Wolfberry |紅棗桂圓姜母茶

Sonya Market

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Product Name: Brown Sugar with Ginger sovatives Natural Spices

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Light Brown Susar, Ginger, Jujube,Longan,Wolfberry,Preservatives Natural Spices.

Direction: Pour 300cc - 500cc of boiling water to one block, wait for it to dissolve before consume. Sweetness Meds on each individual preference.

Storage: Avoid sunlight exposure, high temperature, high humid and temperatures difference.

Best kept in refrigerator after open.

Best consume as soon as possible after open to ensure

best quality.

Place of Origin: Taiwan

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