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Oolong Tea 118 | 凍頂烏龍茶

Oolong Tea 118 | 凍頂烏龍茶

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Oolong tea favors are often surprised to know that they are called tea favors. Oolong tea favors are slightly different from tea or coffee. In oolong tea favors, the tea is not boiled, and the flavor tends to be mellower than tradOolong teas are cultivated in theTaiwan, and are sometimes blended with other teas to create new varieties. Chinese oolong teas are usually harvested from the plant at the ripe turban stage, which is the stage where the leaves are most commonly plucked from. Oolong tea favors are very different from green tea.

Tea make direction:

Warm the teapot first and add teea leaves94-6)gms together with boiling water (200-300c.c) then pour it out within 10 seconds you can enjoy the tea above 10 times with excellent color fragrance and taste. 


1. 先用開水將茶具燙熱,放入茶卟約4-6茶匙(6分滿),再用開水冲泡茶葉約10秒倒掉,第二冲開始飲用(約10秒).

2. 一冷茶葉份量可冲泡10次以上.

3. 請用陶瓷茶具泡茶能保持最佳茶味.



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