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633 Lumg Ching Tea | 龍井

633 Lumg Ching Tea | 龍井

Sonya Market

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Dragon well Lumg Ching tea is a black tea that is light and has a delicate flavor. The leaves of this tea are small and light-brown in color. Lumg Ching tea is best drunk iced or with honey. It is a great tea for digestion, and will help sweat the toxins out.


Tea make direction:

Warm the teapot first and add teea leaves94-6)gms together with boiling water (200-300c.c) then pour it out within 10 seconds you can enjoy the tea above 10 times with excellent color fragrance and taste. 


1. 先用開水將茶具燙熱,放入茶卟約4-6茶匙(6分滿),再用開水冲泡茶葉約10秒倒掉,第二冲開始飲用(約10秒).

2. 一冷茶葉份量可冲泡10次以上.

3. 請用陶瓷茶具泡茶能保持最佳茶味.



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